VIDEO: Song Kang Shares How He Behaves in Front of a Person He Likes

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 2, 2021

VIDEO: Song Kang Shares How He Behaves in Front of a Person He Likes
Actor Song Kang shared how he acts in front of a person he likes. 

On May 31, fashion magazine GQ Korea shared a video of Song Kang's recent interview. 

During the interview, Song Kang answered various random questions. 
Song KangOne of the interesting questions was, "How do you respond when someone you like comes near you?" 

Song Kang answered, "I'm actually a very playful person, but when someone I like comes near me, I usually become quite stiff all of a sudden." 

He continued, "I'm not sure if it's because I feel shy, but I don't smile much, and become kind of unfriendly and cold." 

He resumed, "I feel like it may be as I'm too shy, I don't know. Perhaps it's because I want to hide my feelings from her. I'm not very good at expressing my feelings." 
Song KangThe next question that Song Kang was asked was, "What do you generally do on your day off?" 

Song Kang commented, "I have a friend who I often go to the gym with. I go to the gym with him, then we eat together. After that, I come home with a cup of coffee." 

He laughingly resumed, "I would watch a movie or just zone out the window. Then, I'm like, 'Ah yes, this is what taking a good rest is like.'"

Currently, Song Kang is busy filming his upcoming drama 'Nevertheless' that is to be unveiled on June 19.

(Credit= 'GQ Korea' YouTube) 

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