VIDEO: Sooyoung Gets Useless Advice from Taeyeon About Her Hometown

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 9, 2021

VIDEO: Sooyoung Gets Useless Advice from Taeyeon About Her Hometown
Sooyoung of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation laughed after receiving useless advice from her fellow member Taeyeon about her hometown. 

On June 7, Sooyoung updated her YouTube channel with a new video. 
SooyoungThe video showed Sooyoung in a car on her way to Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do to attend a film festival. 

When Sooyoung got near Jeonju, she called Taeyeon to ask if there are any good local restaurants that she knew. 

Taeyeon was born in Jeonju, and lived there until she moved to Seoul to start training at SM Entertainment in 2004. 

To Sooyoung's question, Taeyeon laughingly answered, "I knew you'd ask me that. But the only place I go to in Jeonju is my home. So, I actually don't know any." 
SooyoungThen, Sooyoung asked, "Well, do you know any good local coffee shops then? You must know at least one." 

Taeyeon responded, "I honestly don't know any coffee shops either. Oh, I got one. It's a bean sprout soup restaurant." 

Sooyoung frowned and commented, "Is it Hyundaeok? I've already been there. That's like where everybody goes." 

Taeyeon said, "Oh, you know that place? Okay, what else is there. Just have some street food near Hanok Village. It's really nice." 
SooyoungAs soon as Sooyoung heard this, she burst into laughter and said, "I called you because I wanted to know good local places to go. Not those tourist places that you can find on YouTube." 

She continued, "I guess you weren't the right person. I'll just find one myself and tell you how it was afterwards."

They hung up after Taeyeon said to Sooyoung, "Well, yes, you've pretty much just called a Seoul person. Anyway, have fun." 

(Credit= 'the sootory 더수토리' YouTube, 'sooyoungchoi' Instagram) 

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