GOT7 BAMBAM Compares His Popularity in Korea & Thailand

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 15, 2021

GOT7 BAMBAM Compares His Popularity in Korea & Thailand
BAMBAM of K-pop boy group GOT7 shared how differently he is seen in Korea and Thailand. 

Recently, fashion magazine allure shared an interview of BAMBAM online. 
BAMBAMDuring the interview, the interviewer mentioned how incredibly popular BAMBAM is back in his home country Thailand. 

BAMBAM laughed and responded, "It's kind of embarrassing to mention it myself, but I honestly can't do anything when I'm in Thailand." 

He resumed, "I can't go out the hotel, or even go home. Fans are everywhere. But here, I can do anything I want. When I arrive in Korea, there is like nobody welcoming me." 

He continued, "I feel like I've established myself pretty well in Thailand and a lot of other parts of the world. However, I'm not very recognized in Korea, even though it's where I started." 
BAMBAMThen, BAMBAM expressed his hope to get more recognized here in Korea.

The K-pop star said, "I think being more recognized in Korea will ease my mind, if you get what I mean. I really want to balance my fame in Thailand and Korea." 

He went on with a determined smile, "Many are trying to go outside Korea to get recognized these days, but that's not what I want. I'm too young to give up. I want to give this a shot, my best shot. I think it's going to be fun. I'm planning on enjoying it to the fullest while doing so." 
BAMBAMBAMBAM left his initial management agency JYP Entertainment in January; he joined ABYSS COMPANY afterwards. 

He is dropping his first-ever solo album 'riBBon' on June 15. 

(Credit= allure) 

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