Jung Yong Hwa Says He Learned a Lot from Jang Na-ra While Working with Her

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 16, 2021

Jung Yong Hwa Says He Learned a Lot from Jang Na-ra While Working with Her
Jung Yong Hwa of K-pop boy band CNBLUE shared that he learned a lot from actress Jang Na-ra while they worked together. 

On June 15, Jung Yong Hwa sat down for an interview with the press to talk about his recently-ended drama 'Daebak Real Estate'. 
Jung Yong HwaAs Jung Yong Hwa starred in 'Daebak Real Estate' with Jang Na-ra, he was asked what it was like working with her. 

Jung Yong Hwa said, "There were lots of things that I could learn from Jang Na-ra. She gave me so much great advice." 

He continued, "Thanks to that, I was able to get rid of unnecessary things and keep improving myself. She's the kind of person who encourage you very well. She tells me that I did well at all times." 
Jung Yong HwaThen, Jung Yong Hwa mentioned a reason why he decided to be part of 'Daebak Real Estate'. 

Jung Yong Hwa said, "I've always believed that she was good at choosing her projects. I wondered how she was so great at that. Since she's such an incredible actress, I wanted to join 'Daebak Real Estate'." 

He resumed, "She is widely known for her youthful appearance, and I've thought that when I saw her on television. But it's really true. She looks unbelievably young in real life." 

He added, "We're eight years apart, but it doesn't seem like it. She looked almost as if she was around my age. During the 6-month filming, I continuously wondered how it was possible for her to look that young." 
Jung Yong Hwa'Daebak Real Estate' is a supernatural drama led by Jung Yong Hwa and Jang Na-ra that aired from April 14 until June 9. 

(Credit= FNC Entertainment, KBS Daebak Real Estate) 

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