'Descendants of the Sun' Park Hoon Says, "Song Joong Ki Was Even Warm to My Family"

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 16, 2021

'Descendants of the Sun' Park Hoon Says, "Song Joong Ki Was Even Warm to My Family"
Actor Park Hoon shared how warm actor Song Joong Ki was to his family. 

On June 15 episode of KBS' television show 'Problem Child in House', Park Hoon made a guest appearance. 
Park HoonDuring the talk, Park Hoon talked about featuring in 'Descendants of the Sun' with Song Joong Ki some years back. 

Park Hoon said, "Song Joong Ki was so nice to me throughout shooting. Once, we happened to film the drama in my hometown in the countryside." 

He continued, "We got dirt all over our body after filming there. On one of those days, Song Joong Ki said he wanted to take a shower at my family home." 
Park HoonThen, Park Hoon shared he wondered why Song Joong Ki wanted to take a shower there when he had plenty of other options. 

The actor said, "Song Joong Ki had his reason. It turned out he wanted to say hi and speak to my mother." 

He went on, "He knew how much I struggled to make debut, and my family had gone through a lot because of that." 

He added, "He went to our house with a fruit basket, and treated my mother so well. He almost acted as if he was my brother. I felt so grateful for that."
Park Hoon(Credit= SBS Entertainment News, KBS Problem Child in House) 

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