Kim Woo Bin Attends a Public Event Looking Happy & Healthy

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 17, 2021

Kim Woo Bin Attends a Public Event Looking Happy & Healthy
Actor Kim Woo Bin was spotted at a public event, looking all happy and healthy. 

On June 16, Kim Woo Bin attended an exhibition 'The Sound Maker' held by one Swiss luxury wristwatch company at Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul. 
Kim Woo BinOn this day, Kim Woo Bin walked into the venue wearing a sleek gray suit and black tie. 

His incredible figure with long legs and a muscular body immediately caught the eye of everyone at the event. 

Before he went inside, he stood in front of photographers for a bit. 
Kim Woo BinAs if Kim Woo Bin felt slightly awkward since this was his first public appearance in a long time, he smiled awkwardly then burst into laughter. 

Then, he professionally posed like a model, just like the old times. 
Kim Woo BinPreviously in May 2017, Kim Woo Bin announced his indefinite hiatus after being diagnosed with nasopharynx cancer. 

Then in November 2019, the actor made his very first public appearance after his battle with cancer. 

At that time, Kim Woo Bin shared that he had recovered and was ready to kick off his acting work again.  

He recently finished filming an upcoming movie 'Alien' (working title), which will mark his Kim Woo Bin's first-ever project since his hiatus. 

(Credit= SBS Entertainment News) 

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