GUMMY Shares How She Spends Time with Her Daughter

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 17, 2021

GUMMY Shares How She Spends Time with Her Daughter
Singer GUMMY shared what she has been up to after welcoming a new member to her family. 

On June 17, SBS' television show 'LIVE ON UNPLUGGED' unveiled a footage of GUMMY online. 
GUMMYIn this footage, GUMMY was asked how she had been recently. 

GUMMY said, "Well, I've been busy trying to take care of my baby. It's almost all I have my mind on after she was born." 

She continued, "I sing different children's songs to her every day. It's a big part of my daily life these days. I sing to her when she's playing, sleeping... Basically all the time."
GUMMYThen, GUMMY said that she was able to learn how precious her parents are to her through her daughter. 

She said, "Following the moment I had her, my respect and love towards my parents grew stronger and stronger. I now realize how amazing they are." 

She wrapped up by saying with a smile, "My family means everything to me now. I really think that." 
GUMMYGUMMY and actor Cho Jung Seok got married in October 2018, and GUMMY gave birth to their first child last August.

(Credit= SBS LIVE ON UNPLUGGED, C-Jes Entertainment) 

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