Ki Tae-young Shows Off Eugene's Beautiful Knitted Items

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 18, 2021

Ki Tae-young Shows Off Eugene's Beautiful Knitted Items
Actor Ki Tae-young showed off beautiful knitted items that his wife actress Eugene made for him and their children. 

On June 18, KBS' television show 'Fun Staurant' shared a preview of the show's upcoming episode. 
Eugene's familyIn the preview, Ki Tae-young shared Eugene's hobby―knitting.

Ki Tae-young said, "Eugene loves knitting, especially bags. Those bags are more precious to me than any other bags, even the ones from luxury brands."

The actor continued, "She's amazing at knitting as well. She knitted our daughters' bags and dresses."  

He added, "She used to spend a lot of time knitting when she was pregnant. I really love all things that she makes." 
Eugene's familyThen, Ki Tae-yong showed some photos of the bags and dresses. 

They had a tight knit, and different patterns and colors. 

They well-demonstrated Eugene's incredible knitting skills. 
Eugene's familyKi Tae-young and Eugene got married in 2011, and they raise two daughters Ro-hee and Ro-rin together. 

(Credit= 'eugene810303' Instagram, KBS Fun Staurant) 

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