TAEMIN's Photocards Found in SEVENTEEN's Latest Album?

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 22, 2021

TAEMIN's Photocards Found in SEVENTEEN's Latest Album?
TAEMIN of K-pop boy group SHINee's photocards were found in another boy group SEVENTEEN's latest album. 

On June 20, one SEVENTEEN fan shared an interesting fact on social media. 

It was that he/she bought SEVENTEEN's eighth mini album 'Your Choice', but there was TAEMIN's photocard in the album instead of a member of SEVENTEEN. 

There was in total of three photocards, but one of them happened to be TAEMIN's photocard.  
TAEMINAfter this fan, more fans claimed that they found TAEMIN's photocards in their 'Your Choice' albums too. 

'Your Choice' was released on June 18, and all these TAEMIN's photocards were part of his third mini album 'Advice' released last month. 
TAEMINFans started to guess what had happened, and came to the conclusion that the both albums were produced in the same factory. 

It seemed like there were some errors of the machines, communication issues between the workers or mistakes made while doing separation work at that factory. 

Many SEVENTEEN fans are laughing about it, and playfully asking TAEMIN for an explanation. 
TAEMIN(Credit= 'mkmin9yu_17' 'um__lee' 'aJx3Bo6HIbs4WQM' Twitter)  

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