"My Favorite Song Is..." Eugene Shares that She Is a Huge Fan of BTS

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 22, 2021

"My Favorite Song Is..." Eugene Shares that She Is a Huge Fan of BTS
Actress Eugene revealed that she is a big fan of K-pop boy group BTS.  

On June 20 episode of SBS' television show 'Tikita Car', Eugene joined the talk. 
EugeneDuring the talk, Eugene demonstrated her love for BTS. 

Eugene said with a shy smile, "I'm really into BTS these days. I mean, who isn't, right? I'm also very proud of their global achievement as a member of the first generation K-pop group."  

She continued, "I first got to know them when they won an award at 'Billboard Music Awards' for the first time. I was just really shocked that a K-pop group had won." 

She went on, "I love all songs by BTS. I listen to them often. Out of all their songs, there is one song that I particularly like. It's 'Boy with Luv'." 
EugeneThen, Eugene shared that there is a specific reason why she likes 'Boy with Luv' the most.

Eugene said, "A lot of kids give you a hard time when trying to put them in a car seat. It usually takes time for them to adjust to it. My second daughter Ro-rin hated the car seat as well." 

She resumed, "She would cry and pretty much go crazy not to go on it. One day while doing so, I played 'Boy with Luv' to her. She turned completely quiet and gentle. So, I started putting the song on repeat after that." 
EugenePreviously, Eugene has shown her support for BTS various times via social media as well. 

(Credit= SBS Tikita Car, 'bangtan.official' Facebook) 

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