SUNMI Talks to Tiffany Young About Auditioning for SM Entertainment

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 23, 2021

SUNMI Talks to Tiffany Young About Auditioning for SM Entertainment
K-pop artist SUNMI was seen speaking to Tiffany Young of girl group Girls' Generation about her audition at SM Entertainment in the past. 

On June 22 episode of Mnet's television show 'Girls' Planet 999', SUNMI and Tiffany Young met with each other. 
Tiffany YoungWhile talking together, SUNMI told Tiffany Young that she auditioned for SM Entertainment before joining JYP Entertainment. 

SUNMI said, "I auditioned for SM Entertainment when I was in the fifth grade in elementary school. I went to the public audition that was held every Saturday."

She resumed, "After the audition, the casting director there called me in. He/she was like, 'Hey, number 1. Come and see me for a minute.'" 

Upon listening to her story, Tiffany Young commented, "Oh, that casting director actually scouted me. What a coincidence! This is so cool." 
Tiffany YoungThen, SUNMI also mentioned the time when she went to the United States to make a name as a member of Wonder Girls there. 

SUNMI said, "I cried every night, because I couldn't understand anything nor say whatever I wanted to say." 

Tiffany Young responded, "I know exactly what you mean. When I first made debut, I was really scared to do everything, as my Korean wasn't that good." 

She continued, "I remember going to a radio show once. I wanted to say something, but couldn't say anything, since I didn't know how to express them into words in Korean. I felt devastated after coming back home that day." 

SUNMI nodded and said, "But in retrospect, I feel like my time in the States was all a good memory." 
Tiffany YoungSUNMI and Tiffany Young made debut in the same year―2007 as part of Wonder Girls and Girls' Generation. 

(Credit= Mnet Girls' Planet 999) 

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