Lee Minho Gets Stuck in a Pile of Birthday Gifts from Fans

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 23, 2021

Lee Minho Gets Stuck in a Pile of Birthday Gifts from Fans
Actor Lee Minho got stuck in a pile of birthday gifts that he received from fans. 

On June 22, Lee Minho welcomed his birthday, turning 34. 

In the evening, Lee Minho updated his Instagram with a childhood photo. 

The photo showed baby Lee Minho smiling as if he is the happiest baby on this planet. 

Under this photo, Lee Minho wrote, "Thank you. I'm so happy." 
Lee MinhoThen at the end of the day, Lee Minho once again gave an update to his Instagram. 

This time, he posted three photos of himself standing in the middle of a living room at home. 

There, Lee Minho is surrounded by gifts, including cakes, flowers, letters and many more.

Lee Minho is smiling while looking around the room. 
Lee MinhoInstead of saying anything in words, Lee Minho put in emojis to express his feelings. 

Those were surprised-look emojis as well as smiling emojis with hearts coming out of the eyes. 

In the comment section, Lee Minho's fans from all over the world are still flooding him with birthday wishes. 
Lee Minho(Credit= 'actorleeminho' Instagram) 

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