Taeyeon Reveals a Sweet Reason Why She Updates Instagram Every Day

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 24, 2021

Taeyeon Reveals a Sweet Reason Why She Updates Instagram Every Day
Taeyeon of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation's fans are all going "Awww" after finding out why she frequently updates her Instagram. 

Earlier this week, fashion magazine Cosmopolitan shared an interview of Taeyeon online. 
TaeyeonDuring the interview, Taeyeon talked about the importance of communicating with fans. 

Taeyeon said, "I believe communicating with fans is one of the most important things that I have to do. Even when I'm not active with promotions, I should always communicate with them." 

She continued, "If I don't, they'll have to just wait and wait without knowing how long they'll have to wait, and start to feel empty. I don't want my fans to feel that way." 
TaeyeonThen, Taeyeon explained it was because she can well-emphasize with people like that, as she is the kind of person who gets lonely easily. 

The K-pop star said, "That's why I try to post on my Instagram every day. Even if it's just a today's selfie or photo of my dog, you know." 

She resumed, "As I'm getting old myself, I feel like there are more fans who are getting old with me together. I feel so grateful for them for liking me for so long."

She added, "Thanks to them, I'm still working happily in this industry. I believe our relationship is more than a fan-star relationship; we are more like a family." 
TaeyeonTaeyeon made debut as the leader of Girls' Generation in 2007. 

Despite the fact that it has been almost 15 years since she made debut, Taeyeon is still one of the most-loved K-pop stars out there. 

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