VIDEO: aespa KARINA's Pre-debut Acting Footage Unveils

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 25, 2021

VIDEO: aespa KARINA's Pre-debut Acting Footage Unveils
KARINA of K-pop girl group aespa's pre-debut acting footage is the talk of the town. 

Recently, a footage of KARINA's pre-debut acting was unveiled online. 

This was part of a project made by Hansol High School students; Hansol High School is a school which KARINA attended. 
KARINAKARINAThe footage showed a romance movie trailer featuring KARINA as the female lead.

KARINA acted as a couple with a male student, on different dates. 

She looks somewhat awkward and nervous to be on camera. 

That is why it made her cute in it though. 
KARINAKARINA definitely managed to catch the eye of many with her ever so amazing looks here too. 

She looks younger than how she looks now, but she had the same beautiful features that she currently has. 

Under this footage, fans left comments such as, "KARINA is cute and pretty here.", "This is making me cringe, but I still love her to bits!", "If she gets some training, I think she could make her acting debut in the near future!" and so on.

(Credit= Online Community) 

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