aespa Receive Drinks from ITZY; Share an Interesting Story Behind It

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 28, 2021

aespa Receive Drinks from ITZY; Share an Interesting Story Behind It
The members of K-pop girl group aespa received drinks from another girl group ITZY. 

On June 26, the 27th Dream Concert was held at Seoul World Cup Stadium. 

The line-up included aespa, ITZY, NCT DREAM, ASTRO, AB6IX, Weki Meki and more. 
aespa receives drinks from ITZYFollowing the concert, aespa took to the group's Twitter to express gratitude to ITZY. 

In the post, the four girls said, "Thank you, ITZY. We were so glad to finally meet you at the concert today." 

They added, "We also would like to thank you for the drinks that you bought for us." 

In the photo, KARINA, NINGNING, GISELLE and WINTER pose holding watermelon juice in large disposable cups. 
aespa receives drinks from ITZYSoon after the group made the upload, KARINA shared a fun story behind it. 

On an online fan community, KARINA wrote, "CHAERYEONG came to our waiting area with watermelon juice in her hands." 

She continued, "It seemed like she was shy. She gave the juice to us, then left right away, without even looking up. She was so cute." 
aespa receives drinks from ITZYThen a little while later, CHAERYEONG also wrote on an online fan community. 

CHAERYEONG wrote, "Earlier when I gave watermelon juice to aespa members, I sort of ran away after giving the juice to them." 

She resumed, "In our waiting area, I was like, 'Oh, let me go! Let me go!' But then when I got there and met them, I couldn't even look at them in the eye." 

Lastly, she said, "Our waiting area was right next to aespa's, and they were just tents, so the members of aespa thanked us over the tent. They were so pretty." 
aespa receives drinks from ITZY(Credit= 'aespa_official' Twitter, Online Community, Korea Entertainment Producer's Association, 'OfficialItzy' Facebook) 

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