VIDEO: Seohyun Finally Contacts KEY After Leaving SM Entertainment

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 29, 2021

VIDEO: Seohyun Finally Contacts KEY After Leaving SM Entertainment
Seohyun of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation finally contacted KEY of boy group SHINee for the first time after leaving SM Entertainment. 

On June 28, Seohyun's management agency shared a video of Seohyun. 

The video showed Seohyun talking while driving her car around. 
SeohyunWhile talking, Seohyun mentioned watching one of KEY's live broadcasts where he complained about her losing touch with him after leaving SM Entertainment. 

At that time, KEY said, "Hey, Seohyun. Are you doing well? How could you not contact me at all after moving to the new agency?" 

Seohyun left SM Entertainment and joined an acting management agency Namoo Actors in 2017. 

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KEYAbout this, Seohyun commented, "I watched that live broadcast, and actually contacted KEY the other day." 

She laughed and continued, "As I tried to contact him and when I looked through my contacts, he wasn't there. I mean, he was, but I wasn't sure if that was him." 

She resumed, "So, I messaged MINHO to check if the number that I have was KEY's, and he confirmed that it was KEY's number." 

Then, Seohyun wrapped the story up by saying, "I'm always listening to your songs, guys." 

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