Kim Sung Cheol Shares a Fun Story Involving Kim Go-eun & Lee Sang-yi

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 29, 2021

Kim Sung Cheol Shares a Fun Story Involving Kim Go-eun & Lee Sang-yi
Actor Kim Sung Cheol shared an interesting story that happened in university involving actress Kim Go-eun and actor Lee Sang-yi. 

Recently, one past interview of Kim Sung Cheol with fashion magazine COSMOPOLITAN Korea resurfaced online. 
Kim Sung CheolIn this interview, Kim Sung Cheol talked about the time when he was still in college. 

As Kim Sung Cheol went to university with Kim Go-eun and Lee Sang-yi, he also told a fun story involving them. 

Kim Sung Cheol said, "There was this once when Go-eun fainted during a class. Sang-yi was the first person to notice it. As soon as when he saw her fainted, he ran towards her." 

He resumed, "Sang-yi was like, 'Oh my! What's going on? Go-eun!' But then he tripped over a bump really hard while running that one of his toenails came off."
Kim Sung CheolHe laughingly continued, "As he was in so much pain, everyone's attention turned to Sang-yi, instead of Go-eun who fainted."

He added, "Soon after that, Go-eun regained her consciousness and Sang-yi was immediately taken to the nurse's office. They were both fine."
Kim Sung CheolKim Sung Cheol, Kim Go-eun and Lee Sang-yi are the same age, and studied Drama at Korea National University of Arts. 

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