SEVENTEEN SEUNGKWAN Talks About Meeting the Sweetest Male Fan in Busan

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 29, 2021

SEVENTEEN SEUNGKWAN Talks About Meeting the Sweetest Male Fan in Busan
SEUNGKWAN of K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN spoke about meeting the sweetest male fan while on vacation. 

Earlier this month, SEUNGKWAN held a live audio broadcast on NAVER V LIVE. 
SEUNGKWANDuring the broadcast, SEUNGKWAN revealed that he recently went on vacation to Busan with his childhood friend. 

SEUNGKWAN said, "My friend and I went for a drink together in Busan. While we were busy talking over a drink, a couple came in and sat on a table next to us." 

The K-pop star continued, "A little moment later, I overheard the guy saying, 'Isn't it him? Maybe it's not him. Why would he be here though? No, it just can't be.'"

He went on, "When my friend went to the toilet, the guy came up to me and quietly asked, 'Are you... Are you SEUNGKWAN?' As I was happy to meet a male fan there, I smiled really brightly and told him that I was." 

He added, "He was like, 'Oh my! I watch everything you are in. I'm a huge fan of you. It's unbelievable I'm meeting you here! Totally unexpected! Can we drink a toast to this?'"
SEUNGKWANThen, SEUNGKWAN explained that the guy seemed super excited, and he was finding this cute. 

SEUNGKWAN said, "We chat together for a while, and I found out that he was a firefighter. I happened to film a show with firefighters a few days prior to this day, and told him that I thought he had an amazing job." 

He resumed, "I honestly had a blast meeting this fan. He was so cute. What are the odds of meeting this amazing male fan who likes watching all my videos in Busan like this? It truly made my day." 

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