ASTRO ROCKY Gives Details About Cha Eun-woo & MOON BIN's Popularity in High School

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 30, 2021

ASTRO ROCKY Gives Details About Cha Eun-woo & MOON BIN's Popularity in High School
ROCKY of K-pop boy group ASTRO shared how popular his fellow members Cha Eun-woo and MOON BIN were back when they were still in school.

Recently, one past broadcast of ROCKY and ASTRO's maknae Yoon San-ha resurfaced online. 
ROCKYWhile having latenight snack together, ROCKY talked about the time when he attended the same high school as Cha Eun-woo and MOON BIN. 

ROCKY said, "Eun-woo and MOON BIN were just like those mega-popular high school students in a cartoon. Their popularity was something else, really impressive." 

He explained, "They were just... Wow... It wasn't easy for me, as everyone looked at them, you know. I always stayed like a meter away from them when going to school together." 
ROCKYThen, ROCKY described the moments when he felt how popular they were. 

ROCKY said, "At that time, Eun-woo used his real name Dong-min. My classmates would be like, 'Can you please call Dong-min to come to our classroom?' I couldn't say no at times, because they looked at me with kitty eyes." 

The ASTRO member continued, "When Eun-woo came, all girls would stick their faces to windows to the hallway to see him as close as he could." 

He went on, "There were always screams around Eun-woo, so I would know where he was, but it was so hard to find MOON BIN in school. He was asleep. Whenever I went to see him, he was sleeping on his desk." 

He laughingly added, "MOON BIN was also popular among girls. They would call Eun-woo 'Dong-min sunbae', but didn't call MOON BIN sunbae. They called him 'sleeping oppa'." 
ROCKY(Credit= 'ASTRO' NAVER V LIVE, 'moon_ko_ng' Instagram) 

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