Go Doo-shim Explains Why She Believes IU Has a Big Heart

By  Lee Narin  | Jun 30, 2021

Go Doo-shim Explains Why She Believes IU Has a Big Heart
Actress Go Doo-shim shared that she thinks K-pop artist IU has a big heart. 

On June 29 episode of KBS' television show 'Problem Child in House', Go Doo-shim made a guest appearance. 
Go Doo-shimDuring the talk, the hosts mentioned Go Doo-shim being a mother of a great number of big stars in dramas in the past. 

While on the topic, they asked if there was a particular star who she remembers the most. 

Go Doo-shim answered, "Yes, there is. I remember IU the most. We acted in KBS' drama 'You Are the Best!' in 2013 together. She was my daughter in it."

She continued, "IU is small, but has such a big heart. She's so kind and thoughtful. We still keep in touch with each other every now and then." 
Go Doo-shimAfter that, Go Doo-shim revealed that IU recently sent a snack truck to the movie set where she was filming her upcoming movie 'Everglow'. 

Go Doo-shim said, "I felt so grateful for that. She wrote, 'Dear my beloved mother Do-shim' on the truck as well. As IU was filming something at that time, I treated her with a snack truck too." 
Go Doo-shimThen, Go Doo-shim shared one other occasion when IU melted her heart a short while ago.

The actress said, "In 'Everglow', one of IU's songs 'Through the Night' gets played. Ji Hyun-woo and I sing the song together a lot as well. It's almost like the main soundtrack of the movie." 

She resumed, "When I told her that we wanted to use the song for the movie, she was like, 'Sure! Just use it! Use it as many times as you like. It's no problem.'" 

(Credit= KBS Problem Child in House, 'dlwlrma' Instagram)

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