Fans Conclude MONSTA X SHOWNU Takes the Worst Selfies

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 1, 2021

Fans Conclude MONSTA X SHOWNU Takes the Worst Selfies
Fans think K-pop boy group MONSTA X's leader SHOWNU takes the worst selfies.  

Recently, one fan of MONSTA X shared a funny post about SHOWNU on a popular online community. 

In the post, the fan compiled photos of SHOWNU's selfies and wrote, "There is something very strange about SHOWNU's selfies. Just take a look, guys." 
SHOWNUSHOWNUThe photos showed SHOWNU's selfies in various times and places. 

Most of the time, he is holding his camera or phone too close to his face that the photos turn out to be a very close-up shots of him. 

In those photos that where you can see him taking the photos, he takes them very awkwardly with an awkward smile. 

Even though he is actually a good-looking guy in real life, he fails to show that in his selfies. 
SHOWNUSHOWNUEverybody is laughing about how horrible he is at making himself look good in photos. 

They are also saying that SHOWNU has zero desire to look good in them, probably because he knows how handsome he is anyway. 

Under this post, they left comments such as, "Can someone please teach him how to take a good selfie?", "SHOWNU, why are you even uploading those bad photos of you online?", "He honestly makes me laugh." and so on. 
SHOWNU(Credit= Online Community, 'OfficialMonstaX' Twitter) 

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