MONSTA X HYUNGWON Pays for All Customers at a Restaurant

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 5, 2021

MONSTA X HYUNGWON Pays for All Customers at a Restaurant
HYUNGWON of K-pop boy group MONSTA X paid for all customers at a galbi-jjim restaurant. 

On July 3, one MONSTA X fan shared a heartwarming story of HYUNGWON on social media. 
HYUNGWONThe fan wrote, "As MINHYUK talked about this one galbi-jjim (braised short ribs) restaurant in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu on his radio show the other day, I decided to go there today." 

She continued, "At the restaurant, there was someone I didn't expect to see―HYUNGWON. I was really surprised. I briefly went to say hi to him, and felt super nervous then. My hands and legs shook about so much." 

She added, "Before he left the restaurant, not only did he pay for our table, but all tables at the restaurant. He is absolutely beautiful inside and out." 
HYUNGWONNot long after this, one other MONSTA X fan also wrote on social media, "I went to the galbi-jjim place in Sinsa-dong today, and happened to see HYUNGWON there." 

The fan resumed, "I was just craving galbi-jjim today, you know. That's why I went there; no other reason. I guess it was my lucky day. HYUNGWON was amazingly good-looking."  

He resumed, "He paid for the whole restaurant. As HYUNGWON left, he told everybody, 'Please enjoy your meal.' with a smile. I fell for him even more today." 
HYUNGWONUpon seeing these posts, fans left comments such as, "What an angel!", "What? Is this for real? How kind!", "For all customers?! Wow. Seriously, wow." 

(Credit= 'Hyungwon_happy' 'lloovvee_1103' Twitter, STARSHIP Entertainment) 

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