Girls' Generation Seohyun Gets Changed to Nice Clothes Just for Fans?

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 6, 2021

Girls' Generation Seohyun Gets Changed to Nice Clothes Just for Fans?
Seohyun of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation revealed that she gets changed to nice clothes just for fans. 
On July 5, Seohyun's management agency Namoo Actors shared an interview of Seohyun online.
SeohyunDuring the interview, Seohyun brought up the fact that her fans frequently sending her a snack truck to the shooting site of her drama. 

Seohyun said, "Whenever I receive a snack truck, I can feel the love of my fans. I feel so grateful for it. So, I always try to take as many good shots in front of a snack truck to upload on my Instagram." 

She continued, "Actually though, when I go to the shooting site, I don't dress up nicely. I just wear a t-shirt and sweatpants. I would feel bad if I take photos like that, you know." 
SeohyunThen, Seohyun revealed that she pack some nice clothes from home just for the photos for fans.  

Seohyun said, "If I hear that a snack truck from fans would arrive on that day, I would finish my lunch before everyone else and fix my hair and make-up." 

She resumed, "After that, I get changed to clothes that I brought with me, and ask my staff to take photos for me. I just want to look as pretty as possible, because there are some fans who miss me and want to see me looking all nice." 
SeohyunSeohyunFollowing the release of this interview, fans wrote comments such as, "She says it as if she's not doing anything big, but that requires a lot of effort.", "Wow, we are the luckiest fans in the world!", "Seriously? Unnie, my heart is melting right now!" and so on. 

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