Jeon So Min Talks About a Guy Who She Is Interested in Right Now

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 6, 2021

Jeon So Min Talks About a Guy Who She Is Interested in Right Now
Actress Jeon So Min shared that there is a guy who she is interested in right now. 

On July 4 episode of SBS' television show 'Running Man', Jeon So Min revealed something very interesting. 
Jeon So MinWhile on the topic of love, Ji Seok-jin asked Jeon So Min asked whether she is the type of person who easily falls in love at first sight. 

Jeon So Min answered, "No, I actually tend to develop feelings for those who didn't leave a good first impression on me." 

She continued, "Recently, this guy in my neighborhood has been texting me in the middle of the night every now and then. I don't know him really well, but we've met him a few times with other friends before." 

She went on, "I mean, there is nothing going on between us, so I don't think there's any problem of mentioning him here. I'm just speaking about how I feel about him, so I think it's okay." 
Jeon So MinThen, Jeon So Min shared that she bumped into him on her way home the other day. 

Jeon So Min said, "He said that he had just finished working out at the gym, and was going home. I told him to exercise a little more by walking me home. So, he walked me home." 

She resumed, "We walked together for ages. After we arrived in front of my place, I asked him how he was going to get home. He said he was going to take the bus because he was too tired to walk more."  

She added, "So, I walked him to a bus stop near my house. When we got there, he was like, 'Noona, you should go home now.'" 
Jeon So MinAs Jeon So Min finished saying this, she covered her mouth in surprise as she accidentally revealed that he was younger than she was. 

The members of 'Running Man' laughed and teased Jeon So Min by saying, "Oh, he's younger than you! And you like him! You like him quite a lot, don't you?!" 

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