VIDEO: Taeyeon Shocks Everybody by Revealing that She Shreds All Her Diaries

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 9, 2021

VIDEO: Taeyeon Shocks Everybody by Revealing that She Shreds All Her Diaries
Taeyeon of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation revealed that she shreds her diaries. 

On July 8, SBS' YouTube channel MMTG shared a new video of Taeyeon online. 

In this video, Taeyeon was seen being interviewed by interviewer/producer Jaejae. 
TaeyeonDuring the interview, Jaejae said, "You changed your mind about writing a diary recently, haven't you? You used to say you don't write a diary because you don't hold on to the past." 

She continued, "But in the beginning of this year, you said your diaries are your current most important thing. Can you explain this to us a little?" 

Taeyeon laughed and answered, "Well, it's because it's difficult for me to read my diaries back. So, there were times when I didn't write it." 

She resumed, "But I needed somewhere to let all my feelings out, and diaries are the best for it as I can't do that to people around me. That's why I started writing it again." 
TaeyeonThen, Taeyeon shared a surprising fact, "I shred all pages of my diaries. They're bins where I put in my bad emotions. You have to empty your bins, right? So, I shred them. I bought a shredder just for this purpose." 

She continued, "I just never want to read them back, you know. When I write a diary, I write all my feelings, freely. It makes me feel good. Then I just shred them as if they never existed." 

However, Taeyeon said she recently started to worry about the amount of waste that she was producing from shredding diaries. 

Taeyeon said, "Since my concerns about the environment grew, I write a diary on my iPad now. I hit the delete button when it's time." 

She laughingly added, "The downside is though, my writings come back when I accidentally hit the undo button. When that happens, I'm like, 'Oh my, oh my!'" 

(Credit= '문명특급 - MMTG' YouTube) 

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