VIDEO: Yuri Shares Why Lee Yeon Hee Was Not Part of Girls' Generation

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 13, 2021

VIDEO: Yuri Shares Why Lee Yeon Hee Was Not Part of Girls' Generation
Yuri of K-pop girl group Girls' Generation shared the reason why actress Lee Yeon Hee was not part of her group when the group made debut. 

On July 11, Yuri updated her YouTube channel with a new video. 

The video showed Yuri cooking and eating with Lee Yeon Hee, who used to be under the same management agency―SM Entertainment. 
YuriWhile eating together, Yuri shared why Lee Yeon Hee did not become a member of Girls' Generation.

Yuri said, "At SM Entertainment, there is a saying that Yeon Hee didn't become Girls' Generation member because she was too pretty." 

She continued, "It was because all members of Girls' Generation were pretty, but were at the similar level of prettiness. But if Lee Yeon Hee joined, she would get all the attention, while the others won't." 
YuriWhen Yuri said, "I believe Lee Yeon Hee would have become our leader if she had joined.", Lee Yeon Hee jokingly responded, "Well, if I were the Girls' Generation leader, then I wouldn't have become close to you guys." 

She resumed, "You guys are all good people, so I feel like I won't be able to shine as I'll be covered by your shadows." 

Yuri responded in a playful way, "What? Are you kidding me? Why are you modest as well? You are so annoying!" 
YuriLee Yeon Hee laughed and commented, "But I don't think I would have been good at team working due to my personality anyway." 

Yuri commented, "Well, I mean, you are a pretty tough girl, unlike you look. You are also your own person. I've always found your personality cool." 

The members of Girls' Generation and Lee Yeon Hee trained together to make K-pop debut, but Lee Yeon Hee changed her career path along the way and made debut as an actress. 

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