VIDEO: SEVENTEEN VERNON Mistakenly Introduces Himself as "Zach"

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 14, 2021

VIDEO: SEVENTEEN VERNON Mistakenly Introduces Himself as "Zach"
VERNON of K-pop boy group SEVENTEEN made everybody laugh by mistakenly introducing himself as "Zach". 

On July 7 episode of a popular radio show 'Zach Sang Show', SEVENTEEN made a guest appearance. 
SEVENTEENDuring the opening, the members of SEVENTEEN said hi to the host Zach Sang via a video call. 

After THE8 waved to Zach Sang, it was VERNON's turn to say hi. 

Without thinking for a single second, VERNON commented, "Hi, I'm Zach." 
SEVENTEENAs the rest of the members turned silent, VERNON immediately realized he had made a mistake. 

VERNON laughed and commented, "Wait, did I say, 'Hi, I'm Zach?' I mean, hi, I'm VERNON." 

All members of SEVENTEEN burst into laughing, and SEUNGKWAN said, "I thought you were trying to be funny or something." 
SEVENTEENThen, they made fun of VERNON by jokingly asking him for his name and calling him "Zach". 

DK even shook VERNON's hand while saying, "Oh, hello, Zach. Nice to meet you."

Zach Sang also laughed at VERNON's unexpected effortless cause of laughter. 

(Credit= 'Zach Sang Show' YouTube) 

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