VIDEO: HAHA Shares Why He Could Never Live a Life of Yu Jae Seok

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 26, 2021

VIDEO: HAHA Shares Why He Could Never Live a Life of Yu Jae Seok
Singer HAHA revealed why he could never live like entertainer Yu Jae Seok. 

On July 21, one YouTube channel uploaded a video of HAHA. 

In the video, HAHA was asked various random questions that included a question about Yu Jae Seok. 

One of the questions that he was asked was, "If you could be born into the world again, and choose a life. Which life would you choose: G-DRAGON of BIGBANG's or Yu Jae Seok's life?" 
HAHAWithout hesitation, HAHA answered, "I'm going to have to choose G-DRAGON. GD, Kwon Ji-yong, for sure." 

HAHA explained, "There are many reasons why I chose G-DRAGON over Yu Jae Seok, but it's mainly because I just can't live like Yu Jae Seok, like never." 
HAHAThe singer continued, "Do you know what he does every day? He wakes up at six in the morning. That's already insane."

He went on, "Besides, he reads the newspaper, plays the game of Go, works out three hours a day, spends much time studying, reads English books, practices writing Chinese characters. It's crazy." 

He added, "I mean, this doesn't mean that I'm confident to live the life of G-DRAGON, but... I don't think I can lead my life like Yu Jae Seok's. I mean, I don't think anybody can." 

HAHA and Yu Jae Seok first met on SBS' television show 'X-Man' in 2005. 

Since then, the two stars have been part of the same shows for years, including 'Infinite Challenge' and 'Running Man'.

(Credit= 'MIC SWAGGER' YouTube, 'sbs_runningman_sbs' Instagram) 

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