Male Students Lined Up to See Kim Tae-hee at a University Waffle Shop?

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 28, 2021

Male Students Lined Up to See Kim Tae-hee at a University Waffle Shop?
Former TV announcer Lee Hye-seong shared that a great number of male students lined up to see actress Kim Tae-hee at a university waffle shop back at when she was a student. 

On July 27, Lee Hye-seong uploaded a new video on YouTube. 

The video showed Lee Hye-seong touring around her alma mater Seoul National University, which is also Kim Tae-hee's alma mater. 

Lee Hye-seong majored in Economics, and Kim Tae-hee studied Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design at Seoul National University. 
Lee Hye-seongWhile visiting the economics department, Lee Hye-seong pointed at a coffee shop and said, "This coffee shop is known for their waffles." 

She continued, "Kim Tae-hee apparently used to really like the waffles here too. The economics department is right next to the human ecology building where Kim Tae-hee used to study." 

She added, "Whenever Kim Tae-hee came to have some waffles, so many male students lined up to see her."
Lee Hye-seongPreviously, actress Lee Hanee, who attended Seoul National University with Kim Tae-hee also shared the actress' popularity in college. 

At that time, Lee Hanee said, "Kim Tae-hee was like a goddess at our university. Lots of people would gather around her even when she was simply walking around the campus."

She continued, "When Kim Tae-hee walked into a lecture room, everyone in front of her would part ways for her and I would protect her like her bodyguard. Her popularity was beyond imagination."
Kim Tae-hee(Credit= '혜성이' YouTube, MBC, Online Community)

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