VIDEO: Jessi Laughs After Seeing Lee Kwang Soo's Drawing of Her

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 30, 2021

VIDEO: Jessi Laughs After Seeing Lee Kwang Soo's Drawing of Her
Hip-hop artist Jessi laughed out loud after seeing actor Lee Kwang Soo's drawing of her. 

On July 29, Lee Kwang Soo guested on YouTube interview show 'Showterview'. 
Lee Kwang SooDuring the interview, Lee Kwang Soo was asked what he thinks he would have become if he did not become an actor. 

Lee Kwang Soo answered, "Well, I might have gone into art. I did study art in school, so..." 

Right then, the interviewer Jo Jeong-sik asked if he could draw a portrait of another interviewer Jessi in 20 seconds. 

Lee Kwang Soo responded, "I mean, I can, but that's a very short time. Okay, I'll try it." 

He was given a pen and paper, and the production team immediately started the 20-second countdown. 

Lee Kwang Soo focused hard for 20 seconds, and managed to finish drawing Jessi. 
Lee Kwang SooAfter 20 seconds, Lee Kwang Soo reluctantly showed Jessi his drawing. 

When Jessi saw the drawing, she burst into laughter and threw her cue cards on the floor in anger. 

She angrily commented, "Are those my wrinkles? Why did you draw them?" 

Lee Kwang Soo sweated and explained, "They're not. I just didn't have enough time to draw you properly. It's really because of the time."

(Credit= 'Mobidic' YouTube) 

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