VIDEO: BLACKPINK LISA Shares How Much She Loved Dancing Since Childhood

By  Lee Narin  | Jul 30, 2021

VIDEO: BLACKPINK LISA Shares How Much She Loved Dancing Since Childhood
LISA of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK shared her love for dance since the young age. 

On July 28, fashion magazine W KOREA posted a video of LISA on YouTube. 
LISADuring the interview, LISA talked about her childhood while looking at a photo of herself from the time when she was very little. 

LISA said, "This was when I was like three or four. I went to my grandma's place a lot, and loved touching the ground after the rain." 

She continued, "I loved playing house, so I used to like scoop up the mud on plates and stuff. It was so fun."
LISAThen, the K-pop star revealed what sort of activity she enjoyed when she grew up a little more.  

LISA said, "When I got older, I grew out of playing house and started dancing. I used to dance whenever I was free; so, pretty much all the time." 

After that, LISA was asked whether there was a time in the past that she wished to go back to.

LISA answered, "No, not really. I like how things are right now. But if I have to choose, I would like to go back to the moment when I was a baby." 

She explained, "I had no worries and stress then. So, I feel like I was the happiest at that time." 

Following years of training under YG Entertainment, LISA made debut as a member of BLACKPINK in the summer of 2016. 

She is currently known as one of the greatest dancers in the K-pop industry. 

(Credit= 'W KOREA' YouTube, YG Entertainment) 

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