Lee Seung Gi Says He Used to Hear that He Has No Talent During Early Debut Days

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 2, 2021

Lee Seung Gi Says He Used to Hear that He Has No Talent During Early Debut Days
Singer Lee Seung Gi shares that another singer PSY used to tell him he has no talent. 

On July 31 episode of SBS' survival audition show 'LOUD', Lee Seung Gi made a special appearance. 

During the show, Lee Seung Gi was seen talking to each contestant to give them some advice. 

While having a conversation with one of the contestants, Lee Seung Gi mentioned his past. 

As the contestant said, "The judges always just talk about my talent after watching my performance. Although I may be talented, I feel like I'm not good enough." 
Lee Seung GiIn response to this, Lee Seung Gi commented, "For a while after I made my debut, PSY told me off a lot, like seriously a lot." 

He continued, "He told me that I had no talent, and also didn't know how to let my emotions out. At that time, my wish was to hear that I had talent." 

He added, "Your skills will improve as you keep trying, but talent doesn't just come to you. You're born with particular talent, so..." 
Lee Seung GiThen, Lee Seung Gi shared why he thinks the contestant should not be concerned about his worry. 

Lee Seung Gi said, "You are only 15 years old right now. If PSY and J.Y. Park told you that you were perfect, that's actually something you should worry about." 

He resumed, "That means they believe there is nothing more you can show them, doesn't it? You have talent, so I think it's okay to build up your skills step by step." 
Lee Seung Gi(Credit= SBS LOUD)

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