BTOB Lee Minhyuk Shares His Experience of Battling COVID-19

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 2, 2021

BTOB Lee Minhyuk Shares His Experience of Battling COVID-19
Lee Minhyuk of K-pop boy group BTOB shared his recent experience of battling COVID-19.  

On July 30, Lee Minhyuk went live on Instagram to speak to fans for the first time since recovering from COVID-19. 
Lee MinhyukDuring the live broadcast, Lee Minhyuk said, "Many of you are wondering how I'm doing, so I thought I would give you an update through this live broadcast today." 

The BTOB member commented, "As you know, I just recovered from COVID-19. I had mild symptoms in the beginning, and waited at home until it was decided whether I would be transferred to a quarantine facility or hospital." 

He continued, "But then all of a sudden, my temperature reached 39, then 40 degrees. So, an ambulance came, and I was immediately hospitalized. The first week was insane, because I felt really ill." 
Lee MinhyukThen, Lee Minhyuk described his symptoms in detail, explaining he wants to raise awareness of COVID-19 prevention. 

Lee Minhyuk said, "For about the first seven to eight days, my temperature didn't go down from 39 degrees. Even when I took medications, it stayed at like 38 to 38.5 degrees. I sweated a lot, and had a terrible headache that didn't go away." 

The K-pop star resumed, "I also couldn't stop coughing. It was so bad that I couldn't breathe properly. I don't remember how the first week went by due to extreme fever, headache and cough." 

He went on, "I weighed 62 kg before COVID-19. Now, I weigh 58 kg. I lost lots of muscles. I have recovered, and am taking necessary medications to prevent from aftereffects at the moment. Don't worry about me." 

Lastly, he added, "Anyway, I really would like everyone to be careful. It's no easy fighting COVID-19. Please take good care of yourselves." 
Lee MinhyukPreviously on July 17, it was reported that Lee Minhyuk tested positive for the coronavirus. 

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