GUMMY Shares How Cho Jung Seok Gave Her Confidence When She Did Not Have It

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 9, 2021

GUMMY Shares How Cho Jung Seok Gave Her Confidence When She Did Not Have It
Singer GUMMY shared how her husband actor Cho Jung Seok helped her boost her confidence when she did not have enough of it. 

On August 7 episode of KBS' television show 'Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend', GUMMY made a guest appearance. 

During the show, the host Shin Dong-yeop said to GUMMY, "I went out for a meal with Jung Seok recently. He happened to speak to you on the phone when I was still with him." 

He continued, "I remember Jung Seok non-stop laughing while talking to you." 

To this, GUMMY responded, "Well, Jung Seok told me that it was you who made him laugh that much on that day." 
GUMMYAfter that, Shin Dong-yeop asked, "How did he support you when you told him that you were going to be coming on our show today?"

GUMMY answered, "When I was asked to be on 'Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend', I wasn't sure whether I should accept it." 

She resumed, "I felt like I wasn't good enough to be 'the legend' yet. At that time, my husband told me, 'No, don't worry. You are more than entitled to be one.' He always roots for me." 
GUMMYThen, Shin Dong-yeop playfully asked, "Jung Seok has released various tracks through his drama. 'Aloha' was on the top of the music chart for months as well. Has he become arrogant following that?" 

GUMMY laughed and responded, "At first, Jung Seok couldn't believe the success of 'Aloha', but he keeps wanting to sing these days." 

She added, "He is even thinking about dropping an album. Jung Seok really loves singing. His love for music is real." 
GUMMY(Credit= C-Jes Entertainment, KBS Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend) 

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