EXO KAI Says He Initially Planned on Retiring Around His Current Age

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 10, 2021

EXO KAI Says He Initially Planned on Retiring Around His Current Age
KAI of K-pop boy group EXO shared that he initially planned on retiring from the K-pop industry around his current age. 

On August 9 episode of tvN's television show 'Honeymoon Tavern', KAI shared one of the thoughts he had back in the day.
KAIWhile the cast reminisced the past together, KAI said, "It's actually been almost 10 years since I made my debut in the K-pop industry. I'm finding this hard-to-believe myself." 

He continued, "I was always told that K-pop groups don't last over five to seven years. Many said lasting 10 years could almost only could happen in a dream." 

He resumed, "When I was 20 years old, I planned on retiring at the age of 29. I thought that would really be the case." 
KAIThen, Lee Seok-hoon commented, "I understand where you were coming from at that time, but your thoughts continue to change." 

He went on, "You may think your thoughts at the moment will be the same after 10 years, but it doesn't work that way." 

KAI laughed and responded, "Yeah. I'm thinking back at the 20-year-old me, and like, 'What were you seriously thinking?'" 
KAIKAI made debut as a member of EXO in April 2012; the group's title track was 'MAMA'. 

Recently, KAI turned solo for the first time in years, and dropped a mini album 'KAI' that includes six tracks.

(Credit= tvN Honeymoon Tavern, SM Entertainment) 

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