BLACKPINK Members Pick Their All-time Favorite Performance Outfits

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 11, 2021

BLACKPINK Members Pick Their All-time Favorite Performance Outfits
The members of K-pop girl group BLACKPINK chose their favorite performance outfits. 

On August 8, BLACKPINK welcomed the group's fifth debut anniversary. 

In celebration of their fifth debut anniversary, BLACKPINK spent time through NAVER V LIVE broadcast. 
BLACKPINKDuring the live broadcast, BLACKPINK members mentioned some outfits they wore for their performances so far. 

JENNIE said, "My favorite outfit so far was the pink uniform-like outfit that I wore for 'As If It's Your Last'." 

She explained why she chose that outfit as her favorite, "I feel like the outfit gives off the kind of vibe that I would never be able to pull off besides that time of my life 
BLACKPINKAs ROSÉ hesitated to choose one particular outfit, JISOO said, "How about the one that you wore at 'Coachella'?" 

ROSÉ smiled brightly and commented, "Yes, I really loved all the clothes that wore on the first week of 'Coachella'." 

Then, JISOO said, "I loved what I wore during the shooting of 'BOOMBAYAH' music video. I even ended up taking the outfit home. That's how much I loved it." 

After that, LISA said, "For me, it was the outfit I wore at the market in 'How You Like That' music video." 
BLACKPINKBLACKPINKFollowing the group's debut on August 8, 2016, BLACKPINK quickly became one of the top K-pop girl groups that is not only recognized in Korea but also across the globe. 

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