VIDEO: RAIN Shares How Popular He Was in His School Days

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 13, 2021

VIDEO: RAIN Shares How Popular He Was in His School Days
Singer RAIN revealed that he was very popular back when he was in school. 

On August 5, a video of RAIN visiting his high school was uploaded on YouTube. 

When he got to school, RAIN sat down with one of his homeroom teachers and vice-principal, and looked back on the past together. 

They looked at RAIN's yearbook photos next to actor Kim Moo Yul and entertainer Boom who were in the same class as him. 
RAINRAIN told the production team, "You know what? The way to know how popular you were when I was in school was to see how filled your locker was." 

He continued, "Mine was filled with handwritten letters, gift sets and snacks. Every time I opened my locker, so many of them would pour out of it." 

Then, his homeroom teacher commented, "Well, the bigger ones would usually go to Moo Yul though.", making RAIN burst into an awkward laughter. 
RAINFollowing that, RAIN spoke with some students to share his school experience. 

When asked whether he was popular, RAIN said with a big smile, "Of course, I was."

He continued, "I didn't ever have to go all the way to the cafeteria to get a snack, because a lot of people would buy it for me even when I didn't feel like having it." 
RAINThen, another student asked, "Have you dated anyone in school?" 

RAIN hesitantly answered, "Umm... Yes, I've dated one or two. We all attended this school." 

He laughed and resumed, "Whenever I get asked questions like this, I struggle hard inside. I'm like, 'Do I choose to entertain people through the show or do I choose to die by telling the truth?'" 

(Credit= 'Season B Season' YouTube, 'rain_oppa' Instagram) 

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