Lee Kwang Soo Says He Tried to Get His Sister to Go On a Date with Kim Jong-kook

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 17, 2021

Lee Kwang Soo Says He Tried to Get His Sister to Go On a Date with Kim Jong-kook
Actor Lee Kwang Soo shared that he once wished singer Kim Jong-kook was his brother-in-law. 

On August 15 episode of SBS' television show 'My Little Old Boy', Lee Kwang Soo made a guest appearance. 
Lee Kwang SooDuring the talk, Lee Kwang Soo mentioned his younger sister, who is three years younger than he is. 

Lee Kwang Soo said, "I previously talked about her on TV, saying how she has beard and is living a new life after getting beauty surgery." 

He continued, "At that time, she sent me screenshots of the shows where I said those things, and asked what they were about. But we're on good terms, don't worry." 

He went on, "Jong-kook's older brother performed her beauty surgery. He gave her a discount as well. Thanks to him, she is married, and leading a happy life." 
Lee Kwang SooThen, the host Shin Dong-yeop commented, "I heard that you once tried to get your sister and Jong-kook on a date, is that right?" 

Lee Kwang Soo laughed and responded, "Ah yes, I personally thought Jong-kook was the best husband material. So, I playfully said things like, 'What would be like if Jong-kook was part of our family? Just imagine how funny it'll be like to have Jong-kook joining our dinner.'" 

He resumed, "At that time, my sister was like, 'Maybe Jong-kook and I can go out for dinner some time.' After she said that, I showed him photos of my sister, but he never brought the dinner up." 
Lee Kwang SooAs everyone in the studio burst out laughing, Lee Kwang Soo laughingly said, "Well, she doesn't look much different to me." 

He added, "It was before she went to see Jong-kook's brother for her beauty surgery as well, so it's no wonder..." 

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