Song Ji-hyo Shares that 'Running Man' Has Become a Piece of Her

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 18, 2021

Song Ji-hyo Shares that 'Running Man' Has Become a Piece of Her
Actress Song Ji-hyo shared how important 'Running Man' is to her. 

On August 17, Song Ji-hyo sat down for an interview with the press. 
Song Ji-hyoDuring the interview, Song Ji-hyo talked about being part of SBS' television show 'Running Man' for the last 11 years. 

Song Ji-hyo said, "'Running Man' has become a piece of me. I joined 'Running Man' when I was 30, and am 41 now." 

She continued, "As I spent all my 30s with 'Running Man', I feel like 'Running Man' is more like part of my life than a television show. I spent a quarter of my life with 'Running Man'."
Song Ji-hyoThen, Song Ji-hyo was asked if she plans to keep going with 'Running Man'.

Without hesitation, Song Ji-hyo answered, "Yes, definitely. I would love to keep going with it."  

She resumed, "It would almost feel like losing some body parts if I stop being on 'Running Man'. I just really like being part of it." 
Song Ji-hyoFirst aired on July 11, 2010, 'Running Man' is one of the longest-running and most popular television shows in Korea. 

Song Ji-hyo joined 'Running Man' from the very first episode. 

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