Kim Yoo Jung Shares She Thinks She Is Not as Pretty as Her Childhood Days

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 18, 2021

Kim Yoo Jung Shares She Thinks She Is Not as Pretty as Her Childhood Days
Actress Kim Yoo Jung revealed that she believes her beauty has deteriorated over time. 

On August 17, one YouTube channel shared a video of Kim Yoo Jung and songwriter Kim Eana having a talk. 

They talked via a mobile messenger while sitting opposite to each other. 
Kim Yoo JungWhile talking, Kim Eana commented on Kim Yoo Jung's captivating beauty. 

Kim Eana said, "As I see you right in front of me, your face feels more surreal. It almost feels like we are in a different dimension." 

She continued, "Many say that you're at the most beautiful time of your life now. But your photos don't do justice; everyone has to see you in real life." 
Kim Yoo JungAfter that, Kim Eana sent Kim Yoo Jung a past video of the actress where she acts in a television commercial.

Kim Eana commented, "Look at you here. I remember this well. You were adorable. Your current beauty was so expected at that time already." 

Kim Yoo Jung laughingly responded, "I don't think I'm as pretty as that time though. Some parts are not quite satisfying..." 
Kim Yoo JungWhen she was asked what those parts were, Kim Yoo Jung answered, "I feel like my eyes are getting smaller and smaller. Or is it that my face is getting bigger?" 

Kim Eana stared at her in confusion for a bit, then said, "Why did God give you such a beautiful face when you say things like that?" 

In response to this remark, Kim Yoo Jung just laughed and laughed. 

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