One Renowned Japanese Dancer Praises J-HOPE's Dance to the Skies

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 18, 2021

One Renowned Japanese Dancer Praises J-HOPE's Dance to the Skies
Arata, renowned dancer in Japan, shared why he thinks J-HOPE of K-pop boy group BTS' dance is amazing. 

Earlier this month, Arata uploaded a video of himself evaluating J-HOPE's recent dance in detail. 

The dance was from J-HOPE's last month's live broadcast where he showed himself dancing for about 40 minutes. 
J-HOPEWhile watching the broadcast, Arata commented, "J-HOPE's dance gives me goosebumps. I've seen him dance before, but his dance has improved so much." 

He continued, "I would even say that nobody would be able to beat J-HOPE in K-pop's street dance and freestyle dance. I've evaluated many K-pop dancers in the past, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone who is this flawless." 

He went on, "I personally think J-HOPE can compete with top dancers in the world. He's mastered his dance so well to the point that surprises me every second." 
J-HOPEThen, Arata stated that J-HOPE not only has incredible techniques, but he also is able to control the strength that he puts into his moves.

Arata added, "His freestyle dance combines pop, hip-hop and breakdancing, and I can see how much time and effort he had put into practicing dance between his hectic schedule just by watching this broadcast." 
J-HOPEJ-HOPE is one of the main dancers of BTS along with JIMIN. 

(Credit= 'ARATA DANCE SCHOOL' YouTube, 'bangtan.official' Facebook) 

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