BTOB Staff's Dog Only Dislikes Seo Eunkwang?

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 20, 2021

BTOB Staff's Dog Only Dislikes Seo Eunkwang?
Seo Eunkwang of K-pop boy group BTOB was seen getting disregarded by his staff's dog. 

Recently, one fan uploaded some screenshots of BTOB's past live broadcast on an online community. 

The reason why the fan shared the screenshots was because the dog in there made the fan laugh. 

In this live broadcast, the members of BTOB were spending time talking about different things.  

As one of the staff members brought a dog to the site with him/her, BTOB members decided to make the dog feature in the broadcast for a little while.  
BTOBThankfully, the dog was friendly and got along with BTOB well; the dog approached them first and even tried to kiss them on the lips. 

But it seemed like there was one person in the room that the dog did not like for an unknown reason―it was Seo Eunkwang. 

Since Seo Eunkwang wanted to become close to the dog, he kept trying to get the attention. 

Every time Seo Eunkwang went close to the dog though, the dog would turn and look away. 
BTOBAnyone could tell how much the dog did not want to be with Seo Eunkwang just by looking at his/her eyes. 

After looking at these photos, fans left comments such as, "LOL The dog is like, 'Leave me alone! I don't want to be with you!'", "Ouch. That must've hurt Eunkwang though!", "These photos made my day! Seriously, I can't stop laughing!" and so on. 

(SBS Star)