Red Velvet JOY ♥ Crush Confirm Their Relationship

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 23, 2021

Red Velvet JOY ♥ Crush Confirm Their Relationship
JOY of K-pop girl group Red Velvet and singer Crush are in love. 

In the early morning of August 23, news outlet Sports Chosun reported that Crush and JOY were in a relationship. 

According to the report, the two stars became close after working on a special collaborative song 'Mayday' in May 2020. 

Following the collaboration, they found out they both loved dogs and connected through that. 

As they are owners of a dog, they apparently go on dog-walking dates often.  

About an hour after the report was released, Crush's management agency P NATION gave their official response. 

P NATION said, "It's true that Crush and JOY are in a relationship. They were friends at first, but have recently started dating one another." 
JOY and CrushNot long after this, JOY's management agency SM Entertainment also gave their official response. 

SM Entertainment stated, "Yes, they began seeing each other a short while ago." 

JOY was born in 1996, and Crush in 1992; they are four years apart. 
JOY and Crush(Credit= P NATION, '_imyour_joy' Instagram, 'Crush' YouTube) 

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