Solia's Agency Announces the Group's Disbandment Only 5 Days After Debut

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 24, 2021

Solia's Agency Announces the Group's Disbandment Only 5 Days After Debut
K-pop girl group Solia disbanded just five days after the group's official debut. 

On August 22, Solia shared that the group has disbanded via Instagram. 
SoliaSolia wrote, "We would like to apologize for surprising you with such unfortunate news. Due to circumstances of our agency, they are unable to keep us working in the industry anymore." 

The group continued, "After a series of long discussions with our agency, it was concluded that we end all our activities here." 

Lastly, they added, "Although it was only for a short time, we would like to express our gratitude to fans who cheered for us during that time. We also would like to say sorry." 
SoliaThe five-member rookie girl group dropped the first single 'Dream' on August 17. 

The circumstances surrounding the decision were not specified, but it is believed that the agency did not have the required funds to manage Solia. 

As Solia only lasted for five days, many are shocked about the sudden news.  
SoliaK-pop fans left comments sending their sympathy for the members as well as aimed their criticism at the agency.

Their comments included, "It's so ironic how Solia's only song is titled 'Dream', but they lost their dream in a blink of an eye.", "I feel really frustrated to see a group disband so fast.", "Why did their agency make them debut if they had no sufficient money to support them? I feel sorry for the girls." and so on. 

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