MIN Talks About Receiving So Many Hate Comments During miss A Days

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 27, 2021

MIN Talks About Receiving So Many Hate Comments During miss A Days
MIN of disbanded K-pop girl group miss A shared how much she used to get hurt by hate comments in the past. 

Recently, MIN sat down for an interview with a fashion magazine bnt. 
MINDuring the interview, MIN looked back on the time when she was a member of miss A. 

MIN said, "I was initially planning on making debut in the States as a soloist, but it got cancelled a few times. So, when I was told I was going to be part of a new group called miss A, I thought that might fall apart too." 

She went on, "Contrary to expectations, I made successful debut and our debut song 'Bad Girl Good Girl' made a great hit. I got really busy. I don't know how time passed then." 

She added, "I still love 'Bad Girl Good Girl'. It's my favorite miss A track. I think it was a huge honor to be loved from the moment we entered this industry. I felt really grateful for that."
MINHowever, MIN explained she became more and more depressed despite the soaring popularity of the group. 

MIN said, "I used to get a lot of hate comments, and got very hurt by them. I was a positive and outgoing person before I read them, but I started losing my confidence as I read them." 

She resumed, "I began to be conscious of what others thought of me that I kept everything to myself. When I would go on a television show, I didn't talk much, because I didn't want to fully reveal myself." 

She continued, "If I think back, I regret the fact I hid true self from everyone because I was afraid that they would judge me. I'm not going to be like that anymore though. I'm going to be myself from now on." MINOn this day, MIN revealed that she is currently busy to release her digital single soon. 

(Credit= bnt, JYP Entertainment)

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