Lee Minho & Yeonwoo Reportedly in a 5-month Relationship; Agency Responds

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 30, 2021

Lee Minho & Yeonwoo Reportedly in a 5-month Relationship; Agency Responds
Actor Lee Minho and K-pop girl group MOMOLAND's former member Yeonwoo are reportedly dating each other. 

Around noon of August 30, news outlet Dispatch released a report on Lee Minho and Yeonwoo. 
Lee Minho and YeonwooAlong with photos of Lee Minho picking Yeonwoo up in his car at two different times, Dispatch stated that they started to date one another about five months ago. 

Dispatch said they spotted Lee Minho and Yeonwoo enjoying a late-night movie date and driving around the city afterwards. 

Lee Minho said to have invited Yeonwoo over to celebrate her birthday at his house as well. 
Lee Minho and YeonwooAs social distancing due to the spread of COVID-19 got extended, they began to spend much time at Lee Minho's house together. 

Yeonwoo lives about five minutes walk away from Lee Minho's home, so she would walk there to see him. 

They both like to play video games, and Lee Minho's acquaintance stated that they even stay up all night playing video games. 
Lee Minho and YeonwooFollowing the release of the report, Lee Minho's management agency gave their official response. 

The agency said, "They are just close friends; they're not in a relationship. The photos were taken as if they were alone with each other, but they were also with other friends."

Yeonwoo's management agency still have not said anything about the report. 

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