Lee Da-hae Says She Stills Finds SE7EN Charming Even After 6 Years of Dating Him

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 30, 2021

Lee Da-hae Says She Stills Finds SE7EN Charming Even After 6 Years of Dating Him
Actress Lee Da-hae shared that she still finds singer SE7EN charming even after six years of being together. 

On August 28 episode of MBC's television show 'Point of Omniscient Interfere', SE7EN made a guest appearance. 
SE7ENIn this episode, SE7EN was seen talking to Lee Da-hae on the phone while he was with comedian Kim Jun-ho. 

While SE7EN and Lee Da-hae exchanged lovey-dovey talks, Kim Jun-ho cut in and playfully asked Lee Da-hae, "Isn't it about time that you get sick of SE7EN? You guys have been together for so long." 

Lee Da-hae laughed out loud and said, "No, I'm afraid not. I find him more and more charming as time passes." 
SE7ENAfter listening to this, SE7EN got shy and said, "This is our first time in six years to go on air together. I mean, it's just voice, but..." 

Lee Da-hae laughingly commented, "SE7EN kind of likes to keep his 'mystery' image. I think it's because he has the attitude of 'old' singers." 

She continued, "I want to post our photos on social media and stuff like that, but he is completely against it." 
SE7ENAs SE7EN watched back at this video in the studio, SE7EN said, "I tried really hard to win her heart." 

He resumed, "Before we started dating each other, I chased after her for about two to three months. Then one day, I confessed my feelings to her after having some drinks. That's how we started seeing one another."
SE7ENIn the beginning of September 2016, news outlet Dispatch reported that Lee Da-hae and SE7EN were in relationship. 

Following the report, the two stars made their 7-month relationship public. 

(Credit= MBC Point of Omniscient Interfere, 'leedahey4eva' Instagram) 

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