"Many Trainees Dated..." EunHyuk Says SM Ent. Made Rules for Trainees Because of Super Junior

By  Lee Narin  | Aug 31, 2021

"Many Trainees Dated..." EunHyuk Says SM Ent. Made Rules for Trainees Because of Super Junior
K-pop boy group Super Junior's member EunHyuk shared that SM Entertainment created new rules for trainees because of Super Junior. 

On August 30, a video of EunHyuk, his fellow group member RyeoWook and girl group Girls' Generation's member Sunny was uploaded on YouTube. 
EunHyukIn this video, they were seen talking about the days when they were trainees while having their favorite food from that time. 

Regarding his favorite food the 'LA Meal' that consisted of port cutlet, fish cutlet, steak and rice, EunHyuk said, "I was always hungry when I was trainee. It wasn't just me, but everybody else. We were always hungry, because we moved so much." 

He continued, "As our agency provided meals for free, I used to eat like two to three meals during my lessons. We just ate, ate and ate." 
EunHyukSunny responded, "But we all had set meal times, how did you eat that many times?" 

EunHyuk laughingly explained, "Ah, it wasn't like that at first. We could eat at any time we want. It changed after a while because of the amount that we ate." 

He went on, "You also weren't allowed to eat expensive food, right? That's because of us as well. We used to eat the most expensive menu like this 'LA meal' all the time that the agency set the price limit later on." 

After listening to this, Sunny commented, "Seriously? Wow. You guys made some history at SM Entertainment's Training Center." 
EunHyukThen as if EunHyuk just remembered something, he said, "Oh, there is one other rule that was made during my time." 

He resumed, "Boys and girls used to train together, but as so many trainees dated each other, our lessons were separated from then." 

He laughed and quickly added, "I wasn't one of them though! I didn't date anyone." 

(Credit= 'ALL THE K-POP' YouTube) 

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