"I Could Never Really Be Myself" Han Seung Yeon Shares Struggles of Being a K-pop Star

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 2, 2021

"I Could Never Really Be Myself" Han Seung Yeon Shares Struggles of Being a K-pop Star
Han Seung Yeon of disbanded K-pop girl group KARA shared how difficult her life was when she was in the K-pop industry. 

On September 2, Han Seung Yeon sat down for an interview with the press. 
Han Seung YeonDuring the interview, Han Seung Yeon said she has become physically as well as emotionally healthier after leaving the world of K-pop. 

Han Seung Yeon said, "When I was part of KARA, I only lived for my performances. I practiced our performances again and again, without eating and sleeping enough. I got an IV when I needed energy." 

She resumed, "Because of the outfits for our performances, I had become bad-tempered. I couldn't eat what I wanted to eat, and constantly worried about the way I would look on television." 

She continued, "That was especially so during 'Mister' promotions. As 'Mister' outfit showed my belly, I only ate like a quarter of a Sneakers bar a day. During 'Mamma Mia' promotions, I ate like 10 rice papers a week. I became so unhealthy." 
Han Seung YeonBut Han Seung Yeon said everyone told her that she looked pretty at that time. 

The ex-K-pop star said, "Since so many people said that I looked good, it felt strange. I might have looked good, but everything was going wrong inside my body. I kept wondering if this really was a right thing to do." 

Han Seung Yeon went on, "Now that I no longer belong there, I've become a lot healthier. After I started acting, I feel like I have become more honest about my feelings than before as well." 

She explained what she meant by that, "In the past, I cared too much about what others thought of me. So, I couldn't get angry at anyone, because I had to be seen as kind to everyone at all times. I wasn't myself then."  

She added, "But after I started learning acting, I became more comfortable about expressing my true emotions." 
Han Seung YeonFollowing her debut as the leader of KARA in March 2007, Han Seung Yeon actively took part in the group's promotions for years. 

Then in 2016, Han Seung Yeon left her former agency DSP Media, then kicked off her career as an actress. 

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