Ki Tae-young Says He Did Not Fall in Love with Eugene Simply Because of Her Beauty

By  Lee Narin  | Sep 2, 2021

Ki Tae-young Says He Did Not Fall in Love with Eugene Simply Because of Her Beauty
Actor Ki Tae-young shared a reason why he fell in love with actress/girl group S.E.S' member Eugene. 

On August 27 episode of KBS' television show 'Funstaurant', Ki Tae-young was seen inviting S.E.S' leader Bada to his family home for lunch. 

Ki Tae-young and Bada said to have become very close following his marriage with Eugene. 
FunstaurantOn this day, Ki Tae-young made a Korean-style fajita; Bada commented, "This almost tastes like the food at a hotel restaurant. It's so good!" 

While they ate together, Bada said, "Eugene is like a little sister to me. I have always wondered who she will marry." 

Ki Tae-young responded, "I once said the reason why I dated Eugene wasn't because of her appearance on TV, and I received so many hate comments due to those words." 
FunstaurantHe continued, "But it's true. When we used to work together, I overheard Eugene talking to the production staff. She could have said something bad about those people they were talking about, but she didn't at all." 

He went on, "I got to know that Eugene doesn't judge people like that. She is someone who has no biases. I thought very highly of that." 

Then, Ki Tae-young said he started seeing her differently and began liking her after that day. 
FunstaurantThe actor said, "Following that day, I called her a lot to 'discuss' our project. That was just my excuse though. I just wanted to become closer to her." 

With a smile, he added, "Then, we fell in love with each other and got married." 
Funstaurant(Credit= 'eugene810303' Instagram, KBS Funstaurant) 

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